Winning the Dursley Challenge

It’s finally coming to the end of my cadet career after all of the activities that I have done with in my time here I still wanted to take part in the Dursley Challenge and go home with the gold.

Once the register had come out for the challenge I made sure that my name was put forward to take part on this exciting activity. With 8 names down and a lot of new cadets eager to take part, my chances at being part of the competing team were looking very slim.

Waiting for my name to be called out I cross my fingers of hope that I get chosen to try and bring back the gold for the squadron. “CWO” (Cadet Warrant Officer) my fingers lose it’s tight grip and my whole body fills with joy to know that I will be competing.

Getting ready to leave the starting point the adrenaline is rushing through my body. “Go” we run to over take 3 teams after 5 mins of running we realise it was a bad idea but we did over take some teams which made it worth the run.

Check point 1 is only a 5 minute walk away and we are ready to smash the first challenge, 10 points are given to us out of a possible 100. Our brains had turned into mush, we were not very happy with the outcome result. I make sure that my team keeps their head high and to not let the score upset them too much.

Check points 4, 5, 6 and 7 are as easy as pie, scoring 100 points at each activity. with out heads held high and out spirit raised to the max, there is no stopping us.

We reach check point 9 scoring yet again another 100 point but also finding out that we were the only team to have scored 100 point. As we leave the last check pointy of the day, the last challenge left was to get back to the starting point.

Emerging over a hill we can see the starting point and race to the finish, luckily it was all down hill and I must say we got to the bottom of that hill in record time. Finally we get to the end with muddy boots and sweat running down our faces, we collapsed onto the floor with relief that we had made it.

With the walk being an amazing experience and and a lot of fun, we were informed that we had won the Dursley Challenge by 48 points. With only 1 month to spear I am glad that I took part with the Dursley challenge and also won.

CWO L.Stelljes

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