Induction Evenings for New Joiners

So you’ve decided to join the Air Cadets in Headley Park and want to know what to do next? Well we have set induction evenings throughout the year and the next evening when we will take in new starters is Thursday 20th April 2017.

If you want to come along on that evening then let me know in advance by sending me an email to and I will send you back the relevant information and forms you need. On the first night, come along with one of your parents / guardians (or both if you prefer) so we can do a quick introduction to all at the same time – and we can check the information on the joining forms is all correct.

Over your first few weeks you will start to learn all the basic information, skills and knowledge you will need to ensure you can get the most out of being a m...

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Winning the Dursley Challenge

It’s finally coming to the end of my cadet career after all of the activities that I have done with in my time here I still wanted to take part in the Dursley Challenge and go home with the gold.

Once the register had come out for the challenge I made sure that my name was put forward to take part on this exciting activity. With 8 names down and a lot of new cadets eager to take part, my chances at being part of the competing team were looking very slim.

Waiting for my name to be called out I cross my fingers of hope that I get chosen to try and bring back the gold for the squadron. “CWO” (Cadet Warrant Officer) my fingers lose it’s tight grip and my whole body fills with joy to know that I will be competing.

Getting ready to leave the starting point the adrenaline is rushing through my bo...

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