Induction Evenings for New Joiners

So you’ve decided to join the Air Cadets in Headley Park and want to know what to do next? Well we have set induction evenings throughout the year and the next evening when we will take in new starters is Thursday 20th April 2017.

If you want to come along on that evening then let me know in advance by sending me an email to and I will send you back the relevant information and forms you need. On the first night, come along with one of your parents / guardians (or both if you prefer) so we can do a quick introduction to all at the same time – and we can check the information on the joining forms is all correct.

Over your first few weeks you will start to learn all the basic information, skills and knowledge you will need to ensure you can get the most out of being a member of the RAF Air Cadets. There will be a lot of new information for you so if you need to confirm anything you didn’t quite understand then do not be afraid to ask.

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future and meeting you in person on 20th April.

Flt Lt Laurence Duncan RAFVR(T)
Officer Commanding 2124 Squadron


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