We have two types of Glider the Viking and the vigilant. They vary in many ways but the main difference is that the Viking is winched launched (a Big cable attached to a big engine) and the Vigilant has its own engine to fly to the desired height and then turn it off to glide back to earth.

Once a year each cades get the opportunity to go Gliding. You typically get several flights in a day . During that time you will get the opportunity to take control of the aircraft and fly it yourself! We have many sages of glider training including the opportunities to become a glider pilot yourself.

They are as follow:

Gliding induction course: Learn the basics of how to Control the glider

Gliding Scholarship: an intense course in Learn all aspects of how to pilot a glider and if you are good enough you may be given the opportunity to fly the glider solo.

Advanced Glider Training: Learn how to be a fully fledged glider pilot and go on to fly other cadets around as a pilot.
This is the Viking


This is the Vigilant