Fieldcraft is a military skill we teach cadets. Not only are you taught how to live in the outdoors you are also taught how to survive! Fieldcraft is one of the best fun activities we do. You normally undertake formal training at your squadron and the spend a weekend in the field, Eating ration packs  sleeping under the stars, with only the contents of your rucksack. The weekends usually consist on ,multiple Practical leadership tasks where you team or “squad” will have to complete a goal. to move on to the next task.

once you have complete this training and are over 16 you can go on to take part in Leadership courses at Frimley part & Raf cranwell that will teach you Field and leadership skills that are not only useful in military life but Civilian life a swell.

You can even take part in Junior leaders (JL) which is a military skills course that teaches you military tactics & leadership over several weekends of the year and finishes with a week long blank firing exercise.